3 Ways to Make Money with LokolBuzz

Promote Your Business

Get more leads, more exposure, and more sales! Create a page for your store, business, or organization. Offer deals, coupons, take donations, or sell event tickets.

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Sell Items on LokolBuzz

Entrepreneurs and home business owners sell your crafts, products, or services in our online marketplace. Even those with a part-time hustle - sell with confidence on a secure platform.

Vendor Program

Sell LokolBuzz

Promote your favorite location, products, and services. Earn commissions on any purchases you referred. Build a residual income helping others to do the same. Business Opportunity

Reinventing the Lokol Economy

LokolBuzz connects business owners, entrepreneurs, and members of the community facilitate growth of our downtowns, main streets, and the economic engines of small towns.  Together, We prosper!

Smarter Lokols

Gain access to great local insights! Get advice, tips, and referrals  from Lokols, business owners and like minded entrepreneurs. Discover insights only locals would know.

Connected Community

A thriving community connect the right people together – taking the right actions in a way that builds social capital and unlocks economic potential. Build trusted relationship and generate referrals and make new friends.

More Exposure

Our social tools will help you get more exposure. Expand your brand awareness while managing it all from one place.  Get more leads and attract more customers on LokolBuzz with promoted listings. Members connect within their business community and increase exposure through word-of-mouth. 

Sell on LokolBuzz

Accelerate your growth with the only local directory designed to be more than just a review site.

LokolBuzz Community

Shop. Connect. Sell. Together, We Prosper!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions about LokolBuzz Vendor Program.

How do fee work on LokolBuzz?

There are no fees to access our Lokol Economy Platform. No fees for joining, no set-up fees, and no listing fees for your items.

Fees are charge only when an item is sold. These two fees are a transaction fee, and a payment processing fee.

Once an item sells, there is a 3% transaction fee on the sale price (not including shipping costs). We also collect a 3% + $0.50 payment processing fee when an item is sold.

What I need to do to start earning money with LokolBuzz?

There are three ways you can participant in helping us to reinvent the  Lokol economy;

  1. If you have a shop or business with a retail location, you can create a page on LokolBuzz, promote deals and coupons. Also, you can create a shop and sell items on your page.

  2. You can create a store on LokolBuzz and sell your items without the need to create a page.

  3. Join the LokolBuzz Associates Program. Get paid a percentage of sales when you share items from LokolBuzz on your blog, website, social media or via email.

How do I get paid?

With LokolBuzz Payments, our secure payment system, we process all sales through our secure LokolBuzz payment system. We accept a wide variety of payment methods including credit and debit cards, PayPal, Google Wallet,and  Apple Pay. Funds from your sales or affiliate referrals are deposited directly to your bank or PayPal account.

What can I sell on LokolBuzz?

LokolBuzz provides a directory and marketplace platform for your city, community, and neighborhood. Where Lokols, entrepreneurs, retailers, crafters, artists and collectors, can easily share, network, and sell.  

You can sell a wide range of items such as; products you offer in your shop, items you hand-crafted, tickets to event you host, services you offer, and booking your time.

Other popular items include apparel, housewares, jewelry and accessories, office products, electronics accessories, art, and paper goods.

What can I do to get more customers?

Access to LokolBuzz’s daily visitors is just part of growing your customer base. It all starts with you, your brand, and how much to participant on the platform. Once you’ve added great products and compelling marketing content to your page and/or shop, post it across your social media and share with your existing customer base.  Your page and/or items will appear in search results and shopping features across the site. We will do our part to drive traffic to listed pages and items for sale.