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Real Estate Mogul Launches Housing Assistance Fundraisers for Healthcare Workers During the Pandemic

Real Estate Mogul Launches Housing Assistance Fundraisers for Healthcare Workers During the Pandemic
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Fort Myers, FL — Tamairo Moutry, a successful real estate broker and the first Black woman to own four real estate companies in four different states, has launched two fundraisers (one on Facebook and one on GoFundMe) to help raise funds for those who are taking the lead in fighting COVID-19. Her initiative is called the Down Payment Housing Assistance Program (DPHAP) and will help provide home ownership options for front line healthcare workers and others who are risking their lives everyday.

Tamairo comments, “These people are risking their lives for us, our families, and theirs. Without their help, we would not be able to successfully fight the coronavirus. This is why I wanted to create a program that could help them as well, and give them some needed assistance.”

She says that her program will help these “heroes of our world” to get a wonderful place to live, and also would contribute to both the new construction and housing industries as a whole.

Tamairo, whose real estate companies are based in Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida, and Illinois, is looking to raise as much money as soon as possible to help these healthcare workers who want to buy a home. Funds raised will be able to be used towards the purchase of any property in all 50 states. Primarily, the funds will be used for down payment or closing cost assistance.

Tamairo herself will monitor and distribute the funds to the respective title companies, closing attorneys, and other real estate professionals prior to every transaction that closes.

She says that even just a $5 donation would be a kind gesture. “Even a small amount can make a difference,” she adds. “We are asking everyone to tell as many people as you can about this. However, support doesn’t always come in the form of money.”

She encourages all to participate in promoting this initiative on their social media pages.

“With your help and assistance from the donations, I can also pay my real estate staff to help facilitate the process,” Tamairo explains. “We all can move mountains together to make this happen.”

Ultimately, her goal is to raise at least $10 million.

How to help:

For more details and/or to make a donation, visit the GoFundMe page or the Facebook donation page.

Front line workers can apply for assistance by contacting Tamairo via her company’s Facebook page.


Tamairo Moutry
[email protected]

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First appeared on BlackNews.com

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