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Picking Sweet Valentine’s Day Flowers And Gifts Without The Stress – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Picking Sweet Valentine’s Day Flowers And Gifts Without The Stress – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s the busiest day of the year in the flower business, but whether you’re buying for a loved one or a friend on Valentine’s Day, the options are often overwhelming.

At Tom Thumb in Fort Worth, the options seem endless: roses and dozens of other flowers catch the eye from the moment the door opens.

For some shoppers, deciding what to buy – and what will make the right impression – is stressful.

“If you want to get something long lasting go ahead and reach for an orchid,” says Dione Baird, the Division Floral Sales Manager for Tom Thumb.

She points to succulents as another long-lasting option, and says, consider what your significant other likes when picking out a bouquet.

“Take note of what color she wears, or he wears or what colors are in the home. Or, just stick with neutrals,” Baird says.

Sarah Donovan, who manages the floral department at the store, has another tip for making your own arrangement: pick a base flower first.

“Then fill it in with different textures,” she says.

Done with flowers? If you’re looking for the right wine to pair with dinner at home, think light versus dark: for steaks, choose a red. For fish, choose a white.

Local winemaker Casey Barber says, don’t rule out rose. Her brand, Rose Gold Rose’, is newly available in Tom Thumb stores.

“I think there really is a throwback to the white zinfandel days where people believed the rose is a sweet wine. Rose Gold in particular is on the drier side, which in the wine world is not sweet,” Barber says.

First appeared on CBS DFW.

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