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Missing Brother And Sister Found Safe In Woods

Missing Brother And Sister Found Safe In Woods
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Two Florida siblings who were reported missing since Sunday have been found.

6-year-old Braxton Williams and his 5-year-old sister Bri’ya Williams were both found safe in the woods Tuesday afternoon.

More than 150 investigators searched more than 20 bodies of water and 400 homes for children.

Deputies said the siblings sought shelter in a dilapidated pump house in a densely wooded, swampy area. It is unknown if they were in the structure the whole time.

Investigators said the water was several feet deep in some areas.

“I just thank god that they saved my cousin’s kids,” one family member said.

Deputies said the children were happy and talkative when given bottles of water and candy.

Deputies said the siblings likely hadn’t eaten in three days. They told deputies they were hungry for a cheese pizza, a request that was granted.

The Sheriff’s Office used special devices and K-9s near the area where they were hiding. They initially spotted a lot of wildlife, but not them.

The sheriff said they’ll focus on why some of their methods may have not worked in the case.

“Overjoyed to hear that Braxton and Bri’ya have been found and are safe,” Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry tweeted. “This is a Christmas miracle. I’m thankful for the tireless efforts of first responders and compassionate members of our city. My prayers continue for this family, and I’m so grateful for this positive outcome.”

First appeared on Black Main Street

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