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John Elway describes trade for Jurrell Casey as a “steal”

John Elway describes trade for Jurrell Casey as a “steal”
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Typically, teams take great pains to characterize trades as win-win propositions, in order to ensure that more trades can be done. Broncos G.M. John Elway committed a slight deviation from that practice on Wednesday, when discussing the trade that recently brought defensive tackle Jurrell Casey to Denver from Tennessee.

“We’re excited about [how it] unfolded,” Elway said, via NFL.com. “You never know. We still have to go win football games. But it was a good start for us this offseason with A.J. Bouye, trading for him at the corner position and then Jurrell Casey, trading for him at the defensive tackle position that we needed and steal a very, very good football player, a five-time Pro Bowler.”

It’s not an inaccurate description, given that the Broncos got Casey for a seventh-round pick. But the Titans, a final-four team in 2019, know what they’re doing. They decided it was time to move on from Casey, and presumably the best deal they got was the deal they got from the Broncos.

Meanwhile, the Broncos and the Titans are due to play this season, in Denver.

John Elway describes trade for Jurrell Casey as a “steal” originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

First appeared on Yahoo News.

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