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Donald Trump Finally Gets Cheery Welcome At Alabama-LSU Football Game

Donald Trump Finally Gets Cheery Welcome At Alabama-LSU Football Game
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After getting booed twice while attending athletic events in less than two weeks, President Donald Trump finally received a decidedly warm welcome at a game between two of the nation’s best college football teams in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

As President Trump and first lady Melania Trump walked into the Bryant-Denny Stadium to watch the University of Alabama take on Louisiana State University, the packed bleachers erupted mostly with cheers and some jeers.

After the Trumps were announced and appeared on the stadium monitor, many in the crowd began chanting, “USA! USA!”

In a video of Trump’s entrance obtained by Reuters, fans can also be heard cheering, “Four more years!”

This is the third athletic event Trump has publicly attended within the past two weeks. 

He attended Game 5 of the World Series between the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros at Nationals Park in Washington D.C., but many in the stadium booed him after he appeared on the field’s monitor.

The president was booed again during Game 7 of the World Series when an ad for his 2020 re-election campaign appeared on the scoreboard at Nationals Park during a TV broadcast of the game. Trump wasn’t at the stadium at the time.

Then, on Monday, Trump attended a UFC 244 match at the Madison Square Garden in his hometown of New York City, where he received a mix of boos and cheers of support.

Reports on the crowd’s reaction varied, likely depending on the observer’s location.

One Democratic strategist who attended the event filmed a video, later shared to Twitter, that picked up the sound of some UFC fans booing. In another video, filmed by a professional MMA fighter who is also a Trump supporter, some in the audience can be heard cheering for the president.

Trump won Alabama, an overwhelmingly red state, during the 2016 presidential election with 62% of the vote. 

After leaving the stadium, Trump retweeted several videos showing the crowd at the University of Alabama’s stadium cheering him on.

He attempted to predict how news organizations would cover his appearance at the game.

“The fake news will never show this,” Trump wrote Saturday night while thanking a reporter for a conservative news site for their coverage.

First appeared on HuffPost.com

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