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Crystal Dunn Shares How To Remove Deodorant Stains

Crystal Dunn Shares How To Remove Deodorant Stains
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Last week, Secret Deodorant revealed its conversation-starting Super Bowl ad on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “The Secret Kicker” aired during the official Super Bowl Pregame Show and sparked a dialogue about the possibility of women playing at football’s highest level – the NFL. Starring U.S. soccer players Carli Lloyd and Crystal Dunn, this ad is the latest from Secret to prominently highlight women’s social issues.

“I think Secret has done just an incredible job of just shedding light on our sport and trying to bridge the gap of men and women in the sports world,” Dunn told ESSENCE. Following its debut on “Ellen,” Secret launched its first-ever YouTube Masthead on January 28. The brand has also enrolled a number of high-profile celebrities, athletes and influencers to help share this message with their followers and join Secret in its push to #KickInequality. 

As far as the perfect way to get deodorant stains out? Makeup wipes, says Dunn. “A Bunch of makeup wipes for sure, I think all of us have them in our bag, just for right after the game and before the game,” exclaimed Dunn. “We actually use them for our cleats too, which is like a little fun fact. So honestly makeup wipes literally solve all of our problems.”

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First appeared on Essence.com

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