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Coppell council explores new approaches to economic development

Coppell council explores new approaches to economic development
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Coming to a crossroads of Senate Bill 4, Rule 3.34, and the economic hit from COVID-19, the Coppell City Council strategized new possible approaches to economic development in their work session on Tuesday.

As the economy, Coppell’s population and land use has changed, the council and City Manager Mike Land explored the possibility of more frequent updates on latest trends of what businesses look for and how it fits into Coppell’s changed city.

Land addressed the question of if the city’s economic development team should be proactive or reactive. One point thrown into question – to what degree is the city all in when negotiating business deals? Land stated that Coppell lacks some of the amenities, capital and land resources that its competing cities have to negotiate good deals with incoming businesses.

First appeared on Star Local Media. Click to view full article.

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