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Likes and shares on social media are nice, but it does not pay the bills.

Considering the Lokol Buzz Opportunity?

Forget social networks – the future is community media.

Did a friend recommend Lokol Buzz to you? Or are you searching for a “side hustle” or even possibly a new career, to improve your financial situation? Lokol Buzz makes it possible! You can begin with very low start-up costs and the time flexibility to work the hours you want, without requiring prior experience in business or sales.  You’ll have access to tools, training, and a network to support you along the way.

Love discovering hidden gems and new local spots? Connecting with others in your community? Do you like attending awesome events? Telling others about your local experiences? If you’ve answered “YES!” enlist yourself into Lokol Buzz Community Builder Program.

Our turn-key, global city guide / marketplace platform, can help empower you to monetize your influence and improve your social status and financial self through the sale of Lokol Buzz services and partnering local merchant’s products.

Make Money

Post links on your website or blog. Share links on social media. Introduced Lokol Buzz to local businesses—every approved sale means money for you.

Tools & More

Community Builders enjoy access to exclusive Lokol Buzz training content, sales reports, sales tools, support, and increase commission, and more.

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Become a Community Builder today. Once approved, our Lokol Buzz expansion team will setup your account so you can start earning right away.

We take care of the technology, so you can focus on your community

We regularly update the platform with new features to both the web-based and mobil app platforms, so you don’t have to. Get access to simple, intuitive dashboards to help you understand your community, publish updates and build your social capital.

Curve out your piece of the pie!

Facebook – 541.95B for Aug. 13, 2019

Yelp – 2.448B for Aug. 13, 2019

​Etsy Market – 6.767B for Aug. 13, 2019

Groupon – 1.45B for Aug. 14, 2019

Market opportunity is massive. With over 30 million+ small businesses in the U.S. and Canada, which is credited with creating 65% of new jobs and contribute to 50% of the GDP. Globally here are over 170 million+ small businesses.

In pursuit of life, liberty, & prosperity...

What makes some cities and urban areas so alluring? We believes it’s the people that live there. That’s why we have made our entire focus on you – the local.  Are you a food blogger? or Simply have a keen interest to explore, the desire to share your experiences, and your willingness to build a better community. So why not? Get paid for elevating people and places; while increasing prosperity for yourself and others.

Stop trading time for wages! In this new era of social selling and the “Side Hustle Economy” you can easily create an asset-based income and then leverage it into long term opportunities. 

You can succeed in Direct Sales. With a team of like-minded people helping you every step of the way, including mentors and fellow Community Builders who are already succeeding, you can benefit from the power of compounding efforts!

Community Builder

Lokol Buzz Income Opportunity

Start benefiting from the content you contribute to social sites.  Build Lokol Buzz in your own community and elevate financial prosperity. Earn a commission from helping us expand Lokol Buzz, products you sell, and paid business listings.

Community Builder Pro

$199 Annual License Fee: Triple your earning power to 45% commission on each business subscription plans. As an Elite Professional, you can earn various commissions on product sales and create monthly recurring income from subscriptions plans you sell. Also, the opportunity to create layers of residual monthly income. Join today.

Community Builder

$35 Annual License Fee: Earn 15% commission on each business subscription plans. As a Lokol Buzz Elite member, you can earn various commissions on product sales and create monthly recurring income subscription plans you sell. Join today.

*IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers

Any earned income claims on this site are not typical and not a guarantee you will make money. You may make more, less or the same.