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Atatiana Jefferson’s father died unexpectedly less than a month after her death

Another African American victim killed by a cop in their home in DFW
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28-year-old Atatiana Koquice Jefferson was killed by a cop in her home Friday night. (Image: Family photo)

Marquis A. Jefferson, the father of Atatiana Jefferson, has died unexpectedly. His daughter was shot and killed by a now former Fort Worth police officer.

NBCDFW5 is reporting he had no known illnesses and there is speculation it was a possible heart attack. 

Jefferson gained a court order to prevent the scheduled funeral services for his daughter. The services were rescheduled once an agreed date and location was confirmed with family members.

Former Officer Aaron Dean is facing murder charges after shooting and killing when he arrived for a wellness check at the request of a neighbor. 

First appeared on North Dallas Gazette

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