Akon Has Started Building Akon City – “100% Cryto-Based City” In Senegal

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The songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and actor Akon has been quietly building his own ‘futuristic’ city in Senegal, West Africa.

The city named after himself and he says it is will be his very own ‘Wakanda.’

He announced on Nick Cannon’s radio show recently that construction has begun on a “100% crypto-based city” in Senegal that will be named Akon City.

Akon says he plans for the city to be “renewable” with a focus on solar energy. Akon City is planned to be a “100% crypto-based city with AKoin at the center of transactional life.”

“It’s Akon City. It’s all renewable, the Akon-tainment solar city. A real physical place, it’s going to have a real airport,” Akon told Nick Cannon.

Akon also said it will take about 10-years to build the city so their plan is to construct it in stages. Saying construction started in March and stage two is going to begin in 2025.

First appeared on Black Main Street

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