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8 Of The Most Innovative Beauty Products To Shop Right Now

8 Of The Most Innovative Beauty Products To Shop Right Now
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Ice Globe Facial Massager

Ladies, it’s time to put down your jade rollers. There’s a new beauty tool in town, and it’s the best gadget ever for massaging your face. Aceology, the Australian beauty company that specializes in fast-acting skin care masks and tools, is now stateside. This means you can finally get a top-tier spa experience from the comfort of your home, although the brand’s popular Ice Globe Facial Massager will make you feel as if you’re in heaven. “This is due to the science behind the tool,” explains Caitlin Hodgson, Aceology’s resident skin care expert. “It helps promote blood circulation by oxygenating your skin, reducing undereye puffiness and relieving tension that causes headaches and sinus pain.” This cool tool is the perfect pick-me-up for those days when your skin needs it.

First appeared on Essence.com

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