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5 Best Fitness Apps – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

5 Best Fitness Apps – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
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THE ONES FOR WELLNESS (CBSDFW.COM) — These days, we’re always on the go and searching for the fastest ways to get fit. If you have seven minutes to spare, check out the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout.

“Johnson & Johnson was really the first player to come out with an app that was 100% free, and actually had a nice interface and showed people how to do these moves with a timer that could walk them through it pretty easily,” said Jill Duffy with PC Magazine. CBS 11 asked her to curate a list of the five best fitness apps for busy men and women.

She said the app is perfect for anyone intimidated by the gym. It also doesn’t stop at just seven minutes. You can get your sweat on for up to a half hour with moves you can do anywhere, no special equipment needed.

To help you track those workouts and the calories you burn, Duffy suggested Map My Fitness.

“If you’re trying to get yourself motivated to get yourself to go for a run every day, you can use this app, record your runs, and then see a history of all the runs you’ve done,” Duffy said.

You can use the app to track almost any daily activity. Duffy said combining it with its sister-app, My Fitness Pal, will give you even better insight. My Fitness Pal is essentially a food journal. Using it with Map My Fitness, you can see the full picture of how many calories you’re consuming versus how many you’re burning.

The hot new app on the health scene is Noom.

“I think this is really different from a lot of old school diet programs that focused on national intake and calories,” Duffy said.

Noom goes beyond food tracking. It challenges you to perform daily tasks including reading short articles and taking quizzes. It’s all designed to help you understand your relationship with food and how to improve it.

Finally, you can take on-demand or live group fitness classes with Openfit. You can even choose to turn on your camera so the instructor can see you, and help you with form.

“So the real benefit to Openfit is that you can have that experience of being in a real fitness class, with a real instructor, but from the comfort of your own home,” Duffy said.

If you’d like to see PC Magazine’s complete list of the best fitness apps for 2020, you can find them all here.

First appeared on CBS DFW.

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