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10 Best Mattresses You Can Buy Online (2020): Memory Foam, Hybrid, and More

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Shopping for the best mattress online is a waking nightmare, and picking the wrong one can literally cause bad dreams or kill your back. It doesn’t help that the online market is flooded with options and that there are more dedicated mattress review sites than stars in the sky. It’s a mess.

WIRED is not a dedicated sleep site, but we did fill a room with 25 of the top mattress-in-a-box models and spent several days unboxing, examining, reclining, and even jumping on each of them last year. Since then we’ve tested half a dozen more new mattresses. Below are my favorite (and least favorite) mattresses right now. All of the prices are for queen-size models. Be aware that mattresses tend to go on sale often, so you may see prices that differ slightly from what’s listed here.

Be sure to check out our many other buying guides, including Best Sound Machines and our roundup of the best gifts for people who like to sleep.

Updated in January 2020: I’ve updated this article for the new decade, adding up-to-date pricing and fixing up formatting. I also added the new Casper Hybrid, Allswell Supreme, Layla, and extended impressions of the Purple Mattress, which made our honorable mention list.

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First appeared on Wired

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