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LokolBuzz Business Opportunity

Lokol LootLocal Advertising Business

With LokolBuzz, you harness the power to build a lucrative digital advertising business where success depends entirely on you.  Make money sharing your love for your community and technology. Provide online tools to helps locals build stronger businesses, smarter communities. and a more prosperous life.  Plug into Lokolbuzz supportive network, digital tools, training, and expertise – you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Now, you too, can use the power of the Internet and social networks to connect with local entrepreneurs,  business owners and organizations to help them generate more: awareness, exposure, and inquiries.  While, providing you an opportunity to create a thriving and rewarding lifestyle.

Your Benefits Include:

  • * Low startup cost and monthly operational expenses
  • Up to a 40% Product Discount
  • Access to the Wookanda Global compensation plan
  • Earn retail commissions
  • Earn monthly recurring commissions
  • Access to powerful web-based marketing tools
  • Online training, eligibility to attend nationwide training events and valuable business building tools

Your IBO Kit includes:

  • A Welcome Guide
  • Branded T-shirt, and cap
  • Marketing tools designed to highlight LokolBuzz products, services, and benefits.
  • An online commerce system
  • IBO Back Office to manage referred customers and network sales
  • And, the latest Policies, Procedures and Compensation Plan.

*Plus applicable taxes and shipping †Starter Packs are exclusive to the Wookanda Global IBO Kit

LokolBuzz Opportunity


Be Prosperous

This proven model is working successfully across the US.  Now, with LokolBuzz, you to can harness this digital power to build a residual Income base of your own – ultimately a fantastic life with friends and family.

  • Retail profits on items you sell on LokolBuzz
  • Commission on business listings you sell
  • Commission on  advertisement you sell on LokolBuzz
  • Commission on event ticket sales you refer
  • Commission on referred purchases of items sold by LokolBuzz’s vendors
  • Earn income on your organization’s sales volume

Thriving Together

In this new digital economy, where social selling and  sharing are quickly emerging as the most popular – and lucrative – way to stay connected with your community, build a career, and a balanced lifestyle with serious financial opportunities. This isn’t about the traditional 9 to 5 where you trade time for dollars – instead it’s more about providing social and economic empowerment for others in exchange for your time and financial freedom. Whatever  level of success you want to achieve – it is up to you, but we’ll give you the tools and support to help you get there.

Find Your Path

Get access to amazing deals and rewards as a LokolBuzz member or start earning significant income as a LokolBuzz Qualified IBO. With a multitude of options, find a path that fits your current lifestyle then put effort into building towards the desired lifestyle you’ve been seeking. We’ll help you get there.

Take The Next Step

Join now and plug into a community of passionate people. Together, we prosper!

Let's Reinvent the Lokol Economy!

Join us in the pursuit of taking our community back from big box merchants, businesses, and institutions.  Doing so, you will take back control of our own personal data and personal prosperity.  Together, we build a vibrant community ecosystem that facilitate a safe, fun, and thriving lifestyle, both online and offline.

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* Wookanda Global prohibits its IBOs (Independent Business Owners) aka distributors from making income earning claims in association with the promotion of the LokolBuzz business opportunities. Whether an individual who becomes a Wookanda Global IBO will earn more than he or she pays for the business opportunity depends on multiple independent and dependent variables that are impossible to predict, such as economic factors, unique to each location where product sales are attempted, the efforts and the sales talents of each IBO.